Sample Tour Day Two

We start our second day at Chinon

The Chateau of Chinon stands high on a cliff overlooking the town and the River Vienne.
The Chateau is best seen from the park on the other side of the river, and is floodlit at night.
The Chateau now mostly in ruins was built by Henry II, count of Anjou and the Plantagenet King of England in 1154. From here he ruled his domain that included England.

After lunch we drive through the forest to Azay le Rideau and before visiting the chateau wander round this charming town.

The chateau of Azay Le Rideau, surrounded by trees and floating on a lake, has been likened to a wedding cake.
The chateau was originally a medieval fortress and was acquired by Gilles Berthelot via his wife.
Gilles Berthelot was the mayor of Tours and treasurer to the King, Francois Premier.
He built a new chateau on the ruins of the old fortifications. To keep favour with the King he had the king's emblem, the salamander engraved above the doors, unfortunately for him he was accused of embezzlement and had to flee and did not see his beautiful chateau completed.

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