A fortified stronghold existed here in the 12th century, but Blois rose to fame when Louis XII established his court here in 1498.
The town played an important role in the history of France for the next 100 years. The chateau was home to the royal court of Louis Xll and Henry lll.
After the death of Henry lll the Loire suffered forty years of warfare when his son's widow, Catherine de Medicis, could not persuade the Catholics led by the Guise family to live in peace with the Protestants during the reign of her sons Charles IX and Henry lll.
The episode culminated with the stabbing of the Duc de Guise on the orders of Henry III in the kings own bedroom. This marked the decline of the importance of the chateau.
The chateau is famous for its wonderful outside stone staircase, which dates from the time of Francois Premier.
The chateau has been the scene of major restorations lasting nearly fifteen years and can now be seen in all its splendor
It is also worth crossing the river to get a complete view of the town.
The town of Blois is one of the most stylish towns in France with plenty of fine restaurants with tables adjoining the street.
In the Place du Chateau, opposite the chateau are the home and museum of the Magic Circle Of France. It is well worth a visit and on the hour an animated duel takes place between Gold salamander
The Cathedral of St Louis stands high above the river, most of the original building was destroyed by a hurricane in 1678, and was rebuilt by Louis XlV.
There is also a fine museum to the French Resistance in the town with many rare documents.

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